My Projects

My education in computer science has started at the age of 14 when I developed a chatbot for my classmates, and later when I joined the Google Developer Group and became the youngest member in the world. What have I been working on so far?

Thanks for the collaboration!


8/2020 - Present

Voice application (similar to Siri on iPhone) on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa for people disabled with Alzheimer’s Disease. Adam Carer helps with brain training and reminds of forgotten memories or pills. Adam Carer is a mobile application for patient’s family for making custom brain tests or checking statistics.

Vocie Project Adam Carer

7/2020 - Present

I organized two conferences about programming in Flutter for 448 attendees. Flutter onAir 2021 was the first Flutter conference in Czechia.

Also, I record Flutter podcasts Flutter on Air Talks with awesome Flutter developers.

Flutter on Air conference for developers

3/2020 - 11/2020

After the COVID-19 lockdown, I saw other students in my school having trouble with distance education. I contacted Google with my idea to create tutorials for students about using Google Workspace.


Together with Grow with Google I recorded videos, created content about Google Workspace to help fellow students learn remotely.

Matej is recording videos about distance education for Google