Hi, I am Matěj

About me

I am a 17-year-old student interested in modern technologies, programming and business. I code in Flutter & Dart, TypeScript and Python. I organize conferences or workshops, and develop voice applications for Google Assistant & Alexa.

My skills

Flutter & Dart developer

Looking for a Flutter or Dart developer? I code in Flutter for more than a year and developed 10+ Android and iOS applications. I worked as a Flutter developer for Ventrata during summer 2020. Don't hesitate to contact me and we can talk about your project.

Conference organizer

Do you organize a conference or just a small meeting? I can organize it for you! I have organized and co-organized 5+ conferences like DevFest CZ 2019 (around 400+ attendees) and DevFest CZ 2021 (1000+ attendees) where I worked as a Partnership manager. I prepared and led online conference Flutter onAir focused on programming in Flutter with 320 attended devs. Let's make a great conference together.

Voice app developer

Do you wonder to develop voice application on Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa? I can develop it for you. With my voice application Talking Tickets I won Kiwi.com Student Challenge for searching flight tickets by your voice. I helped disabled people with ALS with voice application for training mind. And now I worked on special voice application for people disabled with Alzheimer's disease for training their minds and reminding forgotten. Let's connect and talk about your project.

Featured projects

Online Flutter conference was organized by me on August 12th, 2020. The conference was supported by Google and promoted on the official Flutter Twitter.

  • 320 registered attendees

  • 6 speakers

  • Q&A session with Googlers

  • Giveaway

Check out my project Distance Education for Grow with Google for students in the Czech Republic & Slovakia. I recorded videos, created content, and collaborate with other students and teachers.

Drone Licence Tests

Mobile application developed using Flutter SDK for drone users. They can prepare for licence test or learn more about the registration process.

Coming soon!

Voice application for people disabled with Alzheimer's disease offers to train their minds or remind forgotten - memories, family members, or daily situations.

Other projects

  • Ocean Animal Rescue - top 65th in community Flutter Hackathon

  • Airline Manager - 3rd place in Kiwi.com Mobile challenge

  • DevFest CZ 2019 & 2020 (partnership manager)

  • Pocitadlo znamek (in Czech)

  • Game for Good - project for Assistant for Good challenge

  • Talking Tickets (Sport Travel Agency) - 1st place in Kiwi.com Student challenge

  • Voice Icecream

  • YOLANDA (in Czech) - project for Deloitte on Singularity University conference

  • Naffarin (in Czech)

Let's stay in touch