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Here's who I am & what I do

A student featured in the Forbes, interested in modern technology, programming, and business. I code in Dart with Flutter, organize and speak at conferences, and help people with Alzheimer's disease.

I like bonsais. 🌲

My story

Modern technology and mathematics are inextricably connected to almost every single aspect of our lives. Facets of blockchains, nature, or art are based on the Fibonacci sequence. While recording videos for students about distance learning with Google and developing AI to aid patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, I became aware of the huge potential of cutting edge technology. 

I have wanted to study computer science since the age of fourteen when I wrote my first line of code on a chatbot for my schoolmates. By attending online Coursera courses about mathematics and programming at Princeton University, I discovered the basics of coding. My decision to study how to code came from joining the Google Developer Group, becoming their youngest member in the world. This step enabled me to meet Googlers and learn their technologies in-depth. Now I dream about coding an application used by millions of people around the world, solving complex problems while making a positive impact.


I attended a grammar school focused on programming where students were required to write

a small thesis. I decided to develop an application with a real-life purpose, one assisting people with Alzheimer’s disease. There were eight hundred and fifty thousand people with Alzheimer’s disease in the United Kingdom in 2019 and I decided to help them. I started with an aim to help them with brain training and to remind them to take pills. The hours spent reading articles about natural language processing and finding out how it works were very worthwhile. It resulted in a collaboration on natural language processing with the Faculty of Information Technology in Brno, where I worked with Dr Jan Cernocky. My time with Dr Cernocky was not only my first experience with universities but also taught me valuable new technical skills. At the request of the Minister of Health, Adam Vojtech, I was also granted consultations with doctors. This experience taught me how to formulate the right questions. In hindsight, I realised that there is no better purpose for technology, than helping people.


As a driven person, I saw the pandemic as an opportunity to encourage my school to step forward. Specifically, once I noticed my fellow students struggling and realised that these issues were common across the country. I reached out to Google creatives with the idea of producing tutorials on distance learning from a student’s perspective. I was invited by the Czech Ministry of Education to talk about this topic at a conference. I seized this chance with open arms and had the great opportunity to share my action plan on how to update our education system. Speaking to an audience of around a thousand teachers improved my communication and presentations skills.


Furthermore, the work on the Alzheimer’s disease project led to being featured in the Forbes Magazine in the Czech Republic in March 2021. Appearing in this prestigious magazine was an honour and special highlight of my career.

My speaking


  • TOP 30 in 142 startups selected by the Idea of the Year Vodafone business accelerator

  • 9th place in SOC competition

  • Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade prize at Robothon

  • 2nd place in Business point competition

  • TOP 10 of 75 startups by Vodafone Foundation

  • 1st place in JIC Student Business Bootcamp

  • 3rd place in Mobile Challenge

  • TOP 6O in the Flutter Community Hackathon

  • TOP 20 in Google Code-in 2019

  • 1st place in Student Challenge