Student, Developer, Event Organizer.

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... and I am 17 years old

I am Matěj

A student interested in modern technologies, programming and business. I code in Dart with Flutter, JavaScript & TypeScript, organize and speak at conferences, study high school, and work currently as a software engineer.

And I love that.

Featured projects

Conference Organizer

I organized 1-day online community conference about programming in Flutter.

300+ attendees, 6 speakers, Q&A session with Googlers, Giveaways.

Together with Grow with Google I recorded videos, created content about Google Classroom, Calendar or Gmail. Challenge

Sport Travel Agency

Voice application for Google Assistant for searching flight tickets just by your voice. Just say a destination and date of your flight and Sport Travel Agency finds you the best connection.

First place in the Student Challenge.

Health & AI

Voice application for people disabled with Alzheimer's disease. They can train theirs memory, remind forgotten - memories, family members, or daily situations. And just by voice.

TOP 10 startups selected by Vodafone Foundation

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