I am Matěj.

🚀 Flutter Developer & Student | Product & Event Manager | Business and Tech Enthusiast

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About me.

I am a student interested in modern technology, programming, and business. I love coding in Dart with Flutter, organising and speaking at conferences about cutting-edge technology & startups, investing in the stock market and bitcoin, and helping people with Alzheimer's disease.

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Featured projects

Adam Carer - a healthtech startup powered by VR and AI for people disabled with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Flutter on Air - Flutter conferences all around the world. We organised the first Flutter conference in Czechia and produced podcasts.

Distance learning @ Google - a project with Google. I saw fellow students struggling with distance education as well as many others in my country. Together with Google, I recorded videos, created content about Google Workspace to help fellow students learn remotely.

Public Speaking

*cealestinus startup incubator (2022)

JIC startup competition for students (2021)

Wrike Pyjama Talks (2021)

The Idea of the Year Vodafone accelerator (2021, in CZ)

Flutter on Air conference (2021, in CZ)

DartUP conference (2020)

Vodafone Foundation 2020 accelerator (2020, in CZ)

MŠMT & Google Distance education conference (2020, in CZ)

JIC #mamnapad event (2020, in CZ)

JIC Summer Business Bootcamp for students (2020, in CZ)

Flutter on Air conference (2020)

Flutter Academy Meetup in Brno (2020, in CZ)

BrMo conference 2019 (2019)

Kiwi.com Global Hackathon in Brno (2019)