I am Matěj.

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About me.

Matej has been working in the field of technology for four years. He has worked as a mobile app developer in Flutter and Dart for three start-ups based in Europe. Matej understands technology not only from the technical part thanks to his career as a developer but also from the business point of view. During his high school studies, he kicked off a HealthTech R&D project Adam Carer helping people with Alzheimer’s Disease.

Matej’s project Adam Carer won the Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade price in 2021, ranked in the TOP 10 out of 142 startups in The Idea of The Year of the Czech Republic organised by Vodafone in 2021, and ranked in the TOP 10 in 75 in the Vodafone Foundation Accelerator.

Besides his young age, he is 19 years old, Matej spoke at 20+ conferences and events, was featured in Forbes magazine, and co-organised online Flutter on Air conferences for more than 400 Flutter developers from all around the world - including the first Flutter conference in the Czech Republic.

During the pandemic, Matej quickly noticed his classmates' problems with online learning and turned to Google. Together with Czech Google, he recorded videos from the student’s point of view published on the official Google Youtube channel with 80 000+ views. He presented his opinions on distance learning at the Ministry of Education conference.

Matej comes from the Czech Republic, lives in Prague, and currently, works as a Technology Intern at Deloitte Central Europe.

Featured projects

R&D project helping people with Alzheimer’s disease (reminding forgotten pills, tailor-made brain training). Coding a voice application for Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa and a mobile application in Flutter. Worked closely with the Brno University of Technology, The Czech Ministry of Health (at the request of minister Adam Vojtech), doctors, professors, and scientists.

Awards: Czech Ministry of Industry and Trade prize (one of two projects selected to promote AI across the EU during the 2022 Czech Presidency), TOP 30 (in 140 startups nationwide with high growth potential selected by a 16-member jury) in The Idea of The Year of the Czech Republic, TOP 10 (in 75 projects chosen to pre-accelerator) in Vodafone Foundation.

Reached out to Czech Google during the first Covid lockdown to help fellow students with distance learning. Managed the project together with two Google employees, explained the problem, created the solution - recorded videos (with more than 80 000 views in total) about using Google’s technology (Gmail, Calendar, Meet, Classroom), and defined a time plan.

Introduced and pitched the project at the Czech Ministry of Education conference for 800+ teachers watching live (and 4 500+ views online).

Creating and running an online worldwide Flutter conference (including the first in the Czech Republic) for developers (448 attendees in total) to share Flutter knowledge, inspire new Flutter developers and connect them. Working closely with the local DevRel teams but also securing speakers from the global Flutter DevRel team and the community.

Public Speaking

Q&A - Adam Carer, Education and careers @ DIGIDAY #EDU (2022)

Modern Technology in Education from a student's point of view (2022)

Demium All Startup Weekend (2022)

Deloitte Dream Job, 3rd place - competition (2022)

Velvet Innovation Meetup - pitch contest (2022)

*cealestinus startup incubator (2022)

JIC startup competition for students (2021)

Wrike Pyjama Talks (2021)

The Idea of the Year Vodafone accelerator (2021)

Flutter on Air conference (2021, in CZ)

DartUP conference (2020)

Vodafone Foundation 2020 accelerator (2020, in CZ)

MŠMT & Google Distance education conference (2020, in CZ)

JIC #mamnapad event (2020)

JIC Summer Business Bootcamp for students (2020)

Flutter on Air conference (2020)

Flutter Academy Meetup in Brno (2020)

BrMo conference 2019 (2019)

Kiwi.com Global Hackathon in Brno (2019)