I am Matěj.

... Student, Developer, Event Organizer, Business & Tech Enthusiast.

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I am Matěj.

A student interested in modern technologies, programming, and business. I code in Dart with Flutter, organize and speak at conferences, study grammar school, and work on project ADAM app.

And I like bonsais. 🌲

Featured projects

Conference Organizer

I organized a 1-day online community conference about programming in Flutter.

300+ attendees, 6 speakers, Q&A session with Googlers, Giveaways.

Together with Grow with Google I recorded videos, created content about Google Classroom, Calendar, or Gmail.

Kiwi.com Challenge

Sport Travel Agency

Voice application for Google Assistant for searching flight tickets just by your voice. Just say the destination and date of your flight and Sport Travel Agency finds you the best connection.

First place in the Kiwi.com Student Challenge.

Health & AI

Voice application for people disabled with Alzheimer's disease. They can train their memory, remind forgotten - memories, family members, or daily situations. And just by voice.

TOP 10 startups selected by Vodafone Foundation

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